Every Empty Dam

by Basketsale

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Debut Mixtape


released July 20, 2016

"Every Empty Dam"
by Basketsale

with executive producing/mixing/editing by Lunarview

J Dilla
Jake One
Scruffnuk Dust



all rights reserved


Basketsale Victoria, British Columbia

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Track Name: The Kraken
but what's up?
come and cut
up a rug
and a lunch
and we'll rush
then we'll touch
body's mush
summers up
love of one another
but over like hardened butter
un smothered
up and covered
you're undercover
and I'm helpless as a pitch
of marsellus lover
you're a bitch to say no, text Donald glover
I've been trying to get his number
I'll keep trying
just as sure as dudes that down in Panama heats dying
just as fans of the heats dying
just as sure as hams on pans
And sheets frying
if Ellen were into mountains she'd say just keep climbing
and to all those I didn't text back
keep crying
the cavs are happy dude
and all I get are tacky nudes
sorry I'm in a wack mood
but relax
y'all get attackier than Scrappy Doo
dead last on family feud
And I just wanna watch lil happy you
not like a voyeur
Or a peeping Tom Sawyer
drop the pitch forks and lawyers please
but why are those shorts are shorter than Verne Troyer
Always tend to annoyer with quotes
thats as coy as from her employer
Man I'm just feelin bad for whoever gotta sweep up
from all isles 6-9 I think we need a clean up
And all guys stealing my Pixar DVDs
Fuck you keep up

I need to sweep before they'll let me peace
I need to reap treats from emcees that've had beats stripped for free
don't sue me please
or I'll be in the trap as some beez
k lemme nap now
just let me breathe
Man I'm feelin real as smack down
when we'd lay the mats down
on the trampoline
I was fuckin randy savage Man I'll rupture any challengers spleen
*pop* bleed
just pursuing some happiness in my navel length tee
and happened to catch a babblin fish rappin in Cantonese
milkin the crowd
left immediately
but I hope he got his dairy
Man she used to be scary
but her suicidal thoughts evaporated with her cherry
someone should really thank me
bleach prices on the climb, she hates inflation
I fucked banksy
with little regard to swank rooms
all I need is food
to play clue
and some dank fumes
hangover juice
crank 2
and boos caboose
who's to choose who's who
so I'm lame too
and allergic to fame
and dust mites
you must fight
your lust for bus rides and stay
for days
plus nights
shes like your mistaken
Whats wrong with me?
You've been with e veryone else like Kevin bacon
Well I'm backin action
This air I breathe is havin a rad effect
And this flask practices its catch-phrase way too often bitch "Release The Kraken"
Track Name: Я
The problem is
the p***y aura is ominous
It's flaunted too often it's
callin me, well I'm callin quits
the ball ain't rollin Lolita the columnist
called via PS Vita
Told em that's how they'll reach ya
she don't need to be Ariya of Yeezys to be a diva
but if that makes it easier, man I won't compete
you better heed, please hide your face like Sia
I need at least a litre of chia seeds weekly to be me
it's like I gotta retweet from Jimmy Fallon
man I'm smilin
got over you like the world got over Tim Allen
over you like the colder few got over Stalin
over you cause as themes in raps you're overused
And that was overdue as books
and fuck that was dumb
librarian knows That I shouldn't be stealing maxim
wax on wax off
touch the drumset and the pacts off
take these oven mitts if you're using this tape to jack off

Is this what feeling gets?
A hope for happy ending?
Is this what feeling gets?
What did he see when he looked inside of me...

I go in
20,000 leagues
yall are mad like you're havin a hundred cows a week
yall are bowin so how are you lookin down at me
I'll kick your teeth, smile and burn you like empty calories
now my friends created a
get Rory depressed jar
cause his best bars
are those in which at 4:00 hes still in bed
Room's dark
And it's time i say
I should watch the throne but I'd rather just watch Beyoncé
comma not okay
comma Ramadan analogies got cliche
I didn't mean to do it
I mean I'm bein stupid
I mean I got this writers block and I'm just rambling through it
Got these brambles in sandals now watch the ankles here Hannibal
Man we can't elope
Like Earl's cannibals
Canada can't handle this pan handler
Coughin cannabis fuck cancer
Gotta St. Andrew upon the bandana
Comma quasi thanks for Deeper
That's the shit I needed just to snap me out this sleeper
Like igor gouzenko
Just minus the white hood
I've Got no one to trust in this shit but life's good.

Is this what feeling gets?
A hope for happy ending?
Is this what feeling gets?
What did he see when he looked inside of me...

I've got no one to share it with yet but life's a treat
Slicing through the chain mail when I go to knife a beat
Rap just Once or twice a week
fumbling pie charts and use the past to effectively erect myself as an island tsar
Just from a separate coast
I cooked some bread too long and saw your wheels on a slice of toast
Been smokin Keira Knightly lately breath that's too fresh to mention
heart like the arctic circle
Finesse of Alex Ovechkin
Yeah No kidding this shits for real
Got euthanasia for all so fuck how everyone feels
Everybody I'm killin it
The trip was kinda fuck and I'm questioning if I'm still in it
Track Name: Vin Diesel
I never have cash in hand but it's usual
I feel bad I'll play Clash of Clans at your funeral
I missed my chance by a fuckin fleck of a cuticle
Cause cuties makin music like damn Annie the musical
We're all critical
Don't mean to criticize but critics lie
Diesel is dope but Riddick really shoulda died
Pass the flyers bashin Pacifier crumple paper start a massive fire
Then turn the telly to Riddick Nine
We need the quiet
We need a piece of mind
But I had to preach mine to this feline when I peeped the thighs
A beautiful blank slate has been demonized with
Everlasting ink that read mid average to decent vibes
Been playin my week to week up in a sleek disguise
Mystique-ish And the lines are new fangled
Riddled with new angles
Fiddled with little shit but it's pitiful
Like shit I'm spittin into ain't big but isnt minnow size
Pass a flask to get victimized
Track Name: Sister
Don't blackmail my sister
Who are you to judge?
Don't ask my Dad for his Flickr
All I eat is grey sludge

You rush too much at small functions
Nose depressing all the wrong buttons
Test the crest free-falling now flushed in
Fleshlight gone now softly cussing

Don't kill my cousin either
Don't be kickin where her feet were
Track Name: Pennyroyal
I packed grass about it I wasn't ecstatic that night
Cause havin cat fights in the black of night ain't rad right?
chronics back in oh one
but I had to act right
and act like I wanted to splash
and so I jack knifed
I fuckin blacked out afterwords
I had like a flask and a half of jack and a stack of ricin a bad night
Stabbed myself with a pencil, talkin graphite
lead to thoughts that words won't kill
but being sad might
and I still won't change the habits
act with the swag of Casper and an attitude that's also passive
And it's easier just to mask it
I'm talkin bout simple tasks and I waste my time by weaving baskets
As of late I've been dating Chevy chase
He taught me how to dance then we
put around on to caddy shake
I know im only young
And I know that we've both seen better days
know there's no way to say we both wont procrastinate
I blame it on girls I've been attracted to
too bad they're fucking plural
my problem seems so first world
And in my mind you always love to come fuckin duck in and burrow
I'd like to cut you out like the wrists of Merle
And I mean You could be gladder too
face showin showers like super powers of bladder dude
I'm rad you're rude
I'm bad with moods
but I don't have a cold damp stone for a fucking attitude though
approach these beats with heaps of gratitude
though I should probably do some deeper research while I'm at it
sorta bad at giving fucks
man I'mma hoard em in my attic
for the call I'm sure to get like
come back I've been a savage
Randy as I am I gotta mask it
hand it back demand a counter active
Aphrodisiac and slam it
dog gamble
creep around like brambles
I'm the saddest not a sadist
and I'm in the house like Tangled
never leave the house like Tangled
one friend like Tangled
he's a lizard like Tangled
sellin blow like Tangled

Couldnt do that to my moral compass
went from Queen to royal cunt and
Beelzebub inside her with where the funk is.
Coulda scored home plate but I just bunted
your new dude should be punted.
And I'm okay with sayin that cause.. well it's the truth
went full retard and started eating glue
I mean what would you do
Fuckin ask yourself
probably teach yourself to rap and open up a basket sale
how would you fuck the game you're just a flaccid male
cut a hole through some rail
and just end up back in jail
stack 500 dollar bills
blow it all on basket branding
like Vancouver yeezy fans, I'm the last one Stanning

Still ain't Peyton Manning up
The hands are grey and clammy
Sure I'll take a state by storm
I hate my shorts they're always sandy
Always a long haul and gazing in hallways
I hate to wake up
I hate peaches and hollandaise
I made a beat once, I hated it, it got tossed away
If I find a way to get cast away what'll it cost a day?
Boston what do ya say
Lost and fading off
Stayin soft as opposed to
Creating somethin raw you're rippin off KDot
Stay fuckin off after this tape drops
Track Name: Like A Star
You're alright
Not the wildest guy we know
Just a bite from Finding Nemo
and Childish Gambino
Kish by the kilo
To kiss her by a gazebo
but he knows his life's just eat, pray, decompose
He Shaqs his free throws
so she attacks thee
narrate my friends
Nah just yak about me
bought a lightsaber
used my hands to foot the fee
Clot the severed legs with aux
That's readily available heat right.
Naked nature walks
I swear that I'm Cree at night
so Buffalo Bill is all that I eat
No Tux
No homo just fucks that I give
Kubrick's last words in eyes wide shut are my shit
to break the ice
wide open as caskets for most of those
looked after cadavers well after a comatose
same turn of events that tattered your clothes reached for my millionaires jersey and added an O
yeah so
We need healing
Lets just make it sexual
And existentially better than any sessions that's sensual
never heard of me
check the credentials
Over and over I've bought you flowers
Can I have your petals
Don't even think
you never stick around for long
So I trained myself to picture you naked now I never blink
let's make a
let's make a picture with ourselves
Still fuckin hate you
I rented Gustav Klimt to paint you
reality that's too much
to Cap'n Murphy's Duality
I think that we should fuck
that'd be interesting
your light skin on mine makes me feel like you're mine
when the smoked cleared
all I've got's a name
And I'll kill that guy
The smoke cleared and there was someone else I'll kill that guy
Track Name: YVR2FNJ
aaahhh yyeeaaahh yee-aaaahhhh
I'm in a different time zone
There's only one time zone
That time zone is the Rhyme Zone
Track Name: Oh Life
Do try to dig em though it's been difficult
I'll never die by kool aid I'm dabbling in a different cult
So show us what you're doin dude dish it out
Show us what you're doin

I rest between Taurus and Aries guys
Don't know what it means but when walking I wear a bear disguise
I'm younger than most people that's killed bears
I hate to think about faith but a steeple's still there
Yeah and I'm droppin rocks from the top of this awkward hole in the ground
And I double took to confirm that there's no one strollin about
Nonchalantly poured Ciroc and antifreeze from the top and I watched my clock tick'n'tockin till I could see when it dropped
The wait could take a while
Mouth of KID
Should I just fake a smile?
All I know is I'm aiming straight for the throat when I hit em
And breakin fame without saying racial colloquialism
Kramer? Uh..
Yeti but tamer fuck
I dreamt of some fanfic like a basket on fader
Smooth as buck skin
You'll never find me scraping for scraps
I been greater
Check the inaudible screams of the fuckin Tusken Raider
Track Name: Fantasy (Unfinished)
This beat changed my night
like the Hangover changed my wild night to a wired night
fighting the urge to bite through ricin and instead Mike Tysons ear
hold your applause
I'll be serving justice all year
more than my worst enemies soon'll be serving me beer
heroes with fear
Stearin clear of the pyramids
all the while still here amidst
evil cheerers I'm here a kid to be clear
I'm the man Greg Kinear
as good as it gets
I'm not in the clear, not a bit, no no no no
Just an ape: Bonobo
Fighting the beat: Wanna go
Bringin the heat: on the low, like Verne Troyer's stove
What do you know a likeable dude that can flow
but spite-able to the show
in a gameful of dragons my man Rory's a crow

back at it like jack rabbits
jackin airtime like asthmatics
this ass is at it and had it with being bad at shit
So what do you know
you better buy a change of clothes to match a pass for my shows
You better bypass class and buy a live ass milk grown calf to throw its shit at my shows
I look past most emotions but those
coincidence that I'm a rapper that I never love hoes
coincidence that I'm a villain and I always tend to kill it
What goes around comes around like a wheel
And this genre wasn't made for me so fuck how I feel
And don't think I'm a meal to be ate
like the veal on my plate
new name "Yung Meat"
fresh as my slate
get with the tape-
recorded program
woah man
flow sounding so Rodan
okay who's to say I won't matter anyway
If you need me I'll be listening to Earl and Slow Jamz
So why'd this track change my night?
cause I came out the cut and this beat is the knife
and the key is to keep making life
while I cheat on my wife with the beat
I repeat I'm a treat for your sight
now there's that seldomly tapped cockiness
that you'll never witness in Scotland swimming in Loch Ness-
Watch This
I'm not number one but I'm making progress
tip the cap to Dilla unknowingly making this project
Track Name: Chocolate Noose (Bulted)
I shot gunned a schlitz in some chick's house
Passed out with a dip in my mouth
Like there
I can't listen to what you're bitchin about
Woke up like where's my wallet
why you whippin it out
What makes you think this kinda shit's allowed
She's like fuck this
The Neighbours are loud too
She ravaged the aux
By blaring her bad music
Fuck's this stuff coming to
I went home, eyes wide, read a book, cut my fuckin thumb in two
Voice in my head started to give me some looks
The paper cut a reminder that I fear I mistook
On a myriad of medicines sans an acetaminophen pollinating my head without the benefits I
Gotta cleanse
Spoke with my body
Offered amends
He's like
"Buddy get off of the meds and just pick up some pens"
I'm like how are you talking
Hes like "You're losing hella blood,
Get your ass to the hospital or we'll talk when you've got you're coffin stuffed"

I asked some questions
I'll tell you what Allah thinks
But yall just prolly tryna get the cat like Sphinx
And the drinks full of a half pint
Left over from last night
Went about Ham enough to anger a fuckin rabbi
Told to never go kosher on tracks
Sober or soda with jack
So associate me with a solo
Or black, chalice
Grail or something with malice
Hail from hell or a palace
Still repellin your pallet
If stale so do it with passion and talent
And Fuck the ration just grab it
And fuck the habit of holding yourself back
When attacking a ballad, back it with baffling
But Im bashin through
if this kills me it's tasty-
bound by a chocolate noose
Track Name: The Deep River
Alright now this the movie finale
You be movin groovin and screw loosin
until the day ya doomed and truthfully that'll be too soon
dude and what you're doin's soothin
soon the mulas due I'm assumin
you must be Truman with all the views on YouTube.
I'm glad you're feelin it
really you see the deal is that
me speakin to me
Just a flea tryna be killin shit
and truthfully keep it on the DL Hughley
I do it easily
and I'm understanding hugely
you see I ain't new to what you see
you seem to be true to your sheets,
consume these tunes and throw em through me mutherfucker I'm lit
this shit fits like the rubix cube strapped to your hip fleek shit

Sneak diss time for all of you wack
mother fornicatin whores that's basically covered in MAC
Sorta swore to sword the sorry serpent that sold me my singing voice
if noises can get me head then I guess I'mma have to learn from Lloyd
coy toying with Lloyd deployin these thoughts
boy stop
establish your brand for me and I'll boycott it
only the lonely can pin-point with such precision
your vision beneath those glorious glasses Rory Orbison

I made the game fun
probably shouldn't play but
shit was mine for the takin
pardon this publication
lackin a Billy Ray's son
out like the end of Maze Runner
I'll blow your mind they should call my shit Kurt Cobain's gun
Track Name: Deeper
This just crept up on us didn't it
I don't know about you but after ten minutes I'm winging it
Sexting just isn't my thing I guess
it's awkward my palms are sweaty and we're all critics
Come show me don't say you're like Lake Michigan
I already said you're pretty don't fish again
Mineral please admit your sin
So I can shamelessly crave your skin
Give up your phone and give in limbs
Four of 'em
No stinge
I'll cut the key up to your sin bin
Let's adventure mademoiselle like Tintin
Real quick cause I'm tryna eat dinner

I heard from a little bird you're a hurricane and I'm the guy holding the camera from storm chasers
You're perfect for fame
Worst rate basis youre like an 8
But you're cold as this chain
Wetter than weather
Make it rain
Laugh at my pain
Heavy light just heartily
When you played Betty Wright tonight
I hope you thought of me
To hear somethin deep like that kinda got to me
Feels weirder than sodomy
just a mumblin son-a-lobotomy
Well I am Mayan
As Diane
Tummy deep enough to fit all Psy's fans
Green eggs and fried ham
Five trams and an all guy band
Like... Marianna's trench deep
But cut the scene phase cause these punk girls kept tryna French me

Bars smooth like taxadermized Bambi covering liquor tables
PETA can't fuckin stand me
and I'm in a weird state and highly able
I guess for a good reason I should feel guilty
but if love for rap's dirty then I'm filthy.
As herped limp skin
guilty as Simpson
for sticking my nose in something I don't really mix with
deep as

hope I'm not as ignorant as my peers yelling "Fuck the RCMP"
I should just let this shit be
go back to wearing some crocs
go skiing
watch hockey
getting head on the trailer steps while I'm drinking my orange juice
don't like the music
poor you
this'll be gettin kinda heavy
and it's hard to fully own it
all but petty, fuck I'm tired
this goes out to melatonin
and im paradoxing daily
cause the water spout is flowin
but my minds on fire
word to Conan

Fourth verse now
fuckin with Rifle Burs sounds
Whippin in Harold's hearse for some chicken and now I'm burnt out
In my roots deeper than Questlove
first mixtape sound like a best of
now this is kinda dumb but I'm still doing it
911 I spew truer shit
than your stupid clique
more puzzling than several rubixes
And I'm unusual
get off Stanley Kubrick's dick
Track Name: Night Terror
Night Terror Night Terror
I've got a knife I'll never fight fair
I'm feelin Fife I'll fuck around and take a flight there
And photograph a floating plastic bag in the night air
No filtered photos
Converted Twin Towers to FLAC to listen to Frodo
He disclosed: draw deals on your own and go dolo
Don Gold, pedal your brand a la soflo
Fallin like a domino foreign though no bonobo.

He had a thicc power fetish
And an untowerable get cash rhetoric
They tried sneakin some food in his anesthetic
So he watched em
Just about stabbed em
I mean he clocked em
All the audio conveys

Gaudy as the body's in Tussauds he's blown away
Woke up in Medina I'll be Saudi for a day
But back the fuck up
I know karate
But It's iffy
People turnin people into bodies in a jiffy
Ordered $20 if she'd kiss me
fingers in her wallet and she countered with a $50
I flashed a laminated binder full of 70's & 60's
Track Name: High John
Now here's some shit I've never seen before
like, baby are we dreaming or
Acquired absinthe, finished every drop
started from the bottom
and now we're on top

Of these
New York City lights X3
I know you're scared of heights but I'm showin you pretty lights

I said let's take the stairs like Escher
you said yessir
and there's some thing I wanna confess
you've really got my mind humming
for this we didn't need money
you kiss my hand while my third eyes mascara's running
and I'm okay with it
I'm handing you my heart be safe with it
I replied kinda boyishly
"You're getting way too deep-
lead's buoyancy"

City lights...

We're finally at the top now
And it's a pretty far drop down
I'm turned off I think the jig is up
cause you're an open book and I'm a library that's dead bolted shut
This little date thing it just wasn't romantic
you talk your ass off now
so shallow and pedantic
thinkin I'll just probably leave now
reachin in the pocket where they key should probably be now
just then I feel a really cold shiver cause she's thrown my ticket home into the belly of the river
talkin this is all she wanted we'll live in this night forever and she locked the door behind us
regret I even met her
she continues "grab my hand and we'll jump off this ledge together
don't you love me?
won't you trust that after life's gonna be better?"
bitch you're crazy we met on tinder I'm goin home
just then
She jumps off the ledge alone.