by Basketsale

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Garage Mixtape

Lofi rap mixtape recorded in one day in the darkness of the garage studio. The cold concrete and metal door only added to the sound, as did the light passing car sounds. A feast for the ears, an occasion for cheers. - Lunarview


released May 22, 2017

Mixtape by Basketsale

with executive producing/mixing/editing by Lunarview

Lange Luuk



all rights reserved


Basketsale Victoria, British Columbia

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Track Name: dead weight
I crammed that creatine in my nose hole
Snapping swole muscles with lens backed with rose gold
I was flashing what I know you'll like
Lyin through a sheepy type
I photoshopped that motorbike

Past your past is pastures
Past your pleasant smile for the camera's real laughter
After platinum status quo
What will feel magical?
I wanna know what Michael Jackson found inside that rabbit hole
(You should ask him)
I could but that would take my blood
And peers won't feel like crackin beers after
No matter death's not a rational fear

Haphazardly hoppin on
The wagon
Gone so egg em on
For flagrant songs
I'm done being a vagabond
It's taking long as makin bacon thongs for the lady
God forsaken lawn won't sway me strong
I must be raking wrong Re-
Master every rap song I idolized
Then cut the dead weight
Damn Lange luuk your title lied
Track Name: keep up
I'll promise in my thesis statement
That I'll be Keepin it basic
Couldnt sleep for days
I maced a freemason
Grabbed the can like
Who sprayed this?
it's okay we're in the matrix
Crushed a red pill I'm weighed
To the ground then levitate
Conversate with every single fact or fiction friend I've made
Tried to make a getaway with a scholar and a renegade
But I just wandered home after day 6

I'm Nook and cranny lookin
For a book on granny cookin
Tummy rumbled up to my chin
But if I fumble with the gin enough
I'll feel a fuckin winner
Then I'll chuck my stomach a bone
And eat the empty bottle for dinner
Thinkin I should probably start to keep up
I'll miss you, but I'm making art
I don't need love
I miss you makin art
I don't need love
Track Name: eighty 6
eighty six, eighty six
Grip I cradle babies with's
Stable as the navy in some navel filled with gravy it's
Fabled you'll be ableist
If you see me using ableton
paper back books
You centre fold, I'll be the staple; Vince
Fishing for holy mackerels
In the Capitol
Catch one?
Let the captain know
Get on your back to float
Pack a bigger boat if it's practical
So Practice blowin O's if you have to smoke
at talent shows
Catch a cold catch a cold catch a cold catch a cold
43 rappers wrapped in jackets in a paddle boat
Each one seems to find time to insult thighs
Watch my money die through big salty eyes
On impulse buys
I'm cryin
eighty six eighty six
Grip I cradle babies with's
Stable as the navy in some navel filled with gravy it's
Fabled you'll be ableist
If you see me using ableton
paper back books?
You centre fold, I'll be the staple; Vince
Now If I die before kissing Stefanie Knight,
I'll set my son up with her daughter
Then at least I'll have done something right
And if I lack the care packages you ask of me
I'll make you something rad that's out of plasticine
It's not a big deal
I speak soft and you see a big spiel
We could never share the same issues,
Cause you don't fuckin feel
I know shit's real cause I smell it
You step in my room like fuck your elephants
Track Name: I bought a real gun
waffle shirts on top of waffle shirt hangers
I bought a real gun to topple nerf dopplegangers
Got a wallet sized photo of frodo to pocket anger
Gears stay in motion the sprocket slanger
The Sake got me cocky claimer
Stick to salty talk
Got the pocky speakin
Haagen dääzy chocolate on my teeth and now I'm probably peakin
Hum and thumpin from the drums to my bum hair
Pupils a la Pluto I ain't mean to get my mum scared
Air humidifier sent to stop the solar lung flare
Moon blowing kisses
But I hate the fucking suns glare

Beuller beuller
Marvin's in his room again
What's he always doin?
He should probably get some food in him
It's apparent his pair of eyes are inherent from his parents
But he stares with em paralyzed like a heron
Care a care a lot about a pair of parabolic columns
Callin columbine columnists
Askin about some haunted shit
Runnin reds like Dave Parker
To get stoned in a cemetery like a grave marker
How many gloves have you got
Stay warm
You'd think I garden the way I fell in love with the Plot
Pardon the peace of mind searcher
Slipped behind the victim of this murder
Wrists and ankles tied to wrists and ankles
puppeteer with vision mangled
Effervescence in the ever present
Glass of why this week I'm stressing
First answer I'm ricola
Second guessin when I'm next
I'm sposed to be crushing my lane
So no one can touch me
I'm sposed to be crushing
So no one is touchin
(Why're they touchin?)

If he's a famous singer-song-writer
She'll still never fuck him
That's what she said and I just pray she ain't bluffin

Marijuana after dinner
Turned to marijuana all the time
Can't seem to open this app without typin columbine

Opiates caffeine
If I sleep I'll have a bad dream and I know it
I'd slam the kool aid if I wasn't a poet
(Chug! chug! chug! chug!)
Track Name: the island
I had a perfect game goin
I didn't do a fuckin thing today
Mood's a kitchen sink display
Bin stayin hidden on the fringe inca caves
I've Been thinking of a comeback
Man what's a prick without a thumbtack?
Fucking with a feeling
Fuckin funny way of dealing
With a funky functioning wheel thats only good for stealing things
Im sacrificing sense for the flow
Man, you could say the same for the fro
Four loco food groups down my throat
List em
Beer, red meat, a dinner roll, and a blizzard
Taught myself to speak P.I.E. in my art class
But no one would listen
Lemme hear your most developed root dialect
Hear my eyes dilating
I guess I'm high ass heck
Diluted shrooms with some raspberries
With little side effects
The worlds a green screen that our mind detects
You should buy my loofa
You won't find defects
I'm filing down my nails
With my teeth until I hit finger China
I guess I'm kinda stressed (kinda stressed)
No law suits yet so I must be kinda blessed
Platinum on the plates of a golden Nokia for the finer text
Beat like desiigners chest
I'm hiring Chester tam
To find my breath
In the backseat of a scion XB
Posted pay the piper on the plexi
I don't own enough flasks for the pockets on my vest
Cannabis blended with Wild dagga
But the base of its mullein
Every tracks got high notes so why's his face stayin sullen
I'll hit up buffie after slaying a Cullen
I've gotta perfect game comin
I'm honest with myself and I know that it counts for somethin
It could could take a hundred months but I'm certain I gotta perfect game comin
I won't front
I set a different bar to lunge at
To me OF has OGs
I could never be-dum diary but I love that
Fuck my town
I'm reppin awesome town cause I'm from that
I blossom moshin often
Coffins couldn't have stopped him
Condoms couldn't have caught him
Conflict causin cause I clawed it
Call me kamikaze call me crazy call me
Just call me
Call me follow me through
Silenced by seppuku prolly
Violent but necessary sorry
Ill stab myself, salud to tester
It Hurts but hey I love it
Never lettin it fester
flirting with pain I'll fuck it
Sweater weather got the best of me
I'm cursin' out ovens
Surplus of lovin comin in for them I'm sure I've got a perfect game comin